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FXA Football Free Agent Players List Posting Instructions New Item
by Fairfax Athletics on 3/1/2024


FXA Football Free Agent Players List Posting Instructions​

Individual (Free Agent) Registration is now closed for this season, but teams always need players (especially females), so we suggest that you add yourself to our Free Agent Players List so teams can contact you if they need additional players or if they're short on players, and need a few subs.

To add yourself to the free agent list, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Add a New Item Button and follow the below steps: 
  • Author field - enter your full name.
  • Respond To field - enter your email address.
  • Expires After - enter a date 2 months out
  • Title - Enter whatever you want to get the attention of team captains
  • Blank Area - Here you will want to enter the following information
    • Full Name
    • Email Address
    • Gender (Male or Female)
    • Age
    • Preferred Field Position(s) to Play
    • Experience
    • Days of the week you're available to play
    • Any other information you would like to add about yourself

Once entered, Team Captains will use this page to find available players as needed.


Need a team!
by Mervin Govada on 10/19/2016

Hello all, My name is Mervin. I am looking to join a team. I'm 5'.10'' and 180lbs. Can play most positions...  I am looking for an opportunity to assist any team at any position. I live in Fairfax, VA and work in Tysons Corner. 

Looking for a team!
by Peter Simpson on 10/18/2016

I'm new to the flag football scene but am a quick learner. I'm 32, 5'11, 185lbs, and have good hands and athletic. Looking to play on a social or casual team to develop experience. I'm available any weekday late afternoon/evening and most weekends.

Athleticism and intensity available ASAP
by Mike McGuinn on 10/18/2016

semi-pro SS/OLB/DE


I just finished a season with a semi-pro/full contact league, and looking to play on a co-ed casual team to stay in shape (I am #45 in the pic attached to this profile).  I'm 5'10", 205-210lbs, quickness and intensity are my strengths.  I can play all over the field, decent arm, good defensive instincts, but do not have much flag football experience, only full contact at the semi-pro and HS level.  I live in Vienna, VA and can play most weekday nights.  hit me up at 571-216-5842 or email me at if you need a reliable and motivating team mate on your sideline.   

I can jump out the roof!
by Marcus Freeman on 10/17/2016

Im Marcus Freeman and I'm looking for any team that needs help. I'm 5'10" 180, I have great speed, good hands, great anticipation, and I can jump for days. I can play any position except quarterback, but I'm most comfortable in the secondary. Email me or just give me a call at (571) 659-1870. Also, I gotta small clip you can check out above. I can play on Wednesdays and sunday evenings. 

Solid hands available anytime
by Matt Medeiros on 10/10/2016

 I was a tight end and linebacker in high school. I'm athletic at 6' 190lbs. I've been playing flag for 5 years as QB, LB, and TE but I'll play effectively anywhere you need me. I'm new to the area, I love the game, and I'm available after 3pm on weekdays and anytime on the weekends. 

WR/DB/LB- Open Anytime during the week
by Travis Isaac on 10/4/2016

Travis Isaac

6'1" 205lbs


College: Apprentice School (D3)/ Virginia Ravens (Semi-pro)

Just recently moved from Michigan to Virginia and looking to join a team. Originally from Pg County!

Been playing flag for 6 years

Been to two National Tournaments in Florida (8man league) with Hositle Takeover (PG County)

Been playing 4man/7man for 2years (Detroit, Michigan)

Open any day during the week and have my own wheels!!

Contact info- 301-395-2228

NEW TO NOVA Need a Team!!
by Devon D. Mason on 10/4/2016

If I had converse cleats then this would be the look on my face after scoring!!

Full Name: Devon Mason
Email Address:
Gender (Male or Female): Male
Age: 28
Preferred Field Position(s) to Play: Anywhere I can help
Experience: Played Multiple seasons in the Hampton Roads Area, Played in Military Base leauges and Rugby Teams

Days of the week you're available to play: Mon-Fri (weekends with Advanced Notice)


Hello everyone. Im just looking to find a team to play with. Im new to the area and not to familiar with how things work up this way. If you need a new team mate let me know.

Current NFL free agent looking 2 play 2 stay in shape and 4 fun
by Jake Payne on 9/28/2016

My names Jake Payne,, 5714085152, looking to join WED/THUR night teams. I was in camp with the Jets and Eagles this past spring, currently a free agent. LB/DE can also play oline or receiver if needed. looking to play to stay in shape and for fun. 

by David on 9/26/2016

I can play! I'm relatively fast and can catch. Looking for a social or casual men's team. Not Sunday morning.


If You Need a Girl...
by Candace on 9/15/2016

Hi There!


Looking to play some flag football for fun during the week (could be open to a few weekend games too depending on the schedule)! I would consider myself somewhat athletic. I used to run track and play basketball (both were years ago but I love being and staying active). Hope to meet some of you soon!



Football player looking to join a team
by Kevin G on 9/14/2016

Name: Kevin G




i am looking for a team to join. i play football all of my life and now i am looking to keep in shape and looking to keep my passion for football going.


hit me up  i am always intrested.

Athletic h.s experiance
by David owens on 9/6/2016

5'11 190 lbs male 35 Prefer to play cb or wr but any position I'm fine with

New to area, looking to keep playing
by Craig Sheldon on 9/5/2016

Just moved to Waldorf, MD from San Diego where i played in the SDFFL for the past 8 years. The team I played with was in the Elite division (highest level) and we would go the the national tournament in Vegas twice a year. I am 38, 6'2 and played every position on the field in the 8 on 8 league. I primarily would play D-line and TE/WR. I am competitive, but have no problem playing in a lower division just for fun. I also have no problem playing whatever position a team needs. Just looking to keep playing, stay active and meet new people that like to play.

by Steve Ross on 8/29/2016


 Looking to try out for QB for any team that could use one. I've played in leagues before as WR or DB, but have since played QB. Have not played in some time, but I throw a lot with HS football players(I coach HS Football). Just want to get back into the game I love. I'm open to any level. I'd be happy just to try out, so if interested let me know when you play. Sundays & weeknights after 7pm are best. Thanks!

New to town, looking for a team
by Roy Landry on 7/20/2016

I just moved to town from New Orleans, Louisiana where I played flag football for the past five years. I played wide out for the first two years and then switched to quarterback after our team's qb left and I've played the position ever since. I love playing quarterback and have a pretty good arm but I'm a versatile player and can play where needed. I'm 5'10, 145lbs and I'm pretty quick. Let me know if anyone needs a sub!

I enjoyed playing football
by wey kao on 2/23/2016

5'9" average built I can catch and run or vice versa. I prefer TE or DE. I've only played recreationally. I can play Thursday or Sunday nights. Saturdays and sometimes Sundays. Holler if you need a sub!

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